Making the Pod

On a rainy evening in Seattle, Kirby was brainstorming different ways to share the legacy of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. He pitched the idea of a podcast to his peers, which Tim leaped at. If you’ve spent any time with Tim and Kirby, you probably know that the conversation won’t be stale and includes a lot of big ideas, but they won’t ever finish anything. Thankfully, they were saved by the several other contributors who joined: Jessie, Ari, Jamie, Kendra, and Trisha. In the fall of 2018, these intrepid young students embarked on a journey of obstacles, surprises, and learning curves to build and present Clocking In.

We knew we had a great team, even though nobody knew what to do yet. Nerdy conversations flowed naturally between Jessie, Tim, and Kirby, so they decided to be co-hosts. Jamie, with her breadth and depth of research suave, offered to do all the reading with an assistant, Hue. Kendra and Trisha studied Marketing and Communications (respectively) in undergrad, so they took ownership of the website, social media, and written content. Then there was Ari. Being a year behind most of the other contributors, nobody had ever talked to him more than once or twice. Yet, his previous experience with audio recording and publishing quickly made him an invaluable asset. Once Ari joined the team, we knew this thing could actually happen.

 There have certainly been learning opportunities and challenges, particularly with scheduling. The first encounter was during the group's initial meeting when two of the seven people weren’t sent an invitation and did not know about the meeting. Another missed the ferry and had to call in, and the executive producer was an hour late (but he brought snacks!) Mercifully, Trisha adopted the role of project manager and had things running smoothly by the second meeting.

Now, with the public launch right around the corner, we’re buzzing with excitement. As Clocking In finalizes the first few episodes, the team is working to find a regular cadence and bandwidth of their individual duties. The team is excited to present these episodes to you, so stay tuned!


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